Monday, February 1, 2010



I must say I came to watch This Is It in hopes that it would inspire my own creativity. I was not a huge MJ fan growing up...I remember watching Thriller (EEP) and jamming out to the Free Willy song (why does no one else seem to want to hear this song on a constant loop) but I also remember falling into the pitfalls of the sensationalized tabloid fodder---saying HE DID WHAT???? without any facts and thinking who on earth could dangle a baby out of a window....and, speaking of this, who would give said child the nickname BLANKET to forever remind him that his daddy dangled him from a daring precipice???

ANYWAY, I digress.....
As I'm in the middle of my own THIS IS IT moment (or, rather, trying to make a giant comeback tour in the career world)...I thought this movie could inspire me. On this, I was right. The film was well done, included a good amount of singing, choreography, and back story, while showing how inspiring MJ was to the people who worked with him. I particularly enjoyed watching his relationship with director Kenny Ortega: this relationship seemed pure, a balance of personal and professional integrity and deep love and respect. It was humbling to see someone work with a genius and not exploit him. You can't deny that MJ was a genius and I would recommend everyone see this film-if only for the fact that it is a monumental privilege to see into what would have been such a landmark tour. My only issue with the film, and why I give it a B rating, is that I did not think MJ sparkled with life and fervor....I thought he looked tired, worn out, skeletal, sad, and lonely. This made me feel sad and almost like I shouldn't be watching the film.....maybe this is because I know of his mortality that I somehow made myself see him as so tired and lifeless....but it was confusing to me. He was, no doubt, a genius, an icon, and a beautiful soul----but perhaps as a viewer I should have replayed the black and white video (my favorite) instead of watching what would be an unfulfilled me sentimental but it made me sad....not that my personal feelings in any way detract from the film...but in the end, he is a man who left many, many images of his greatness and I would rather return to one of those.

So B
that's my verdict.

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  1. i DO listend to "Will you be there" on repeart. MJ 4 LIFE!!