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Okay so this is NOT a film but I needed a ranting space....
Last night I watched the Bachelor---yes, I confess, I STILL watch this show just to see the MOST.DRAMATIC.ROSE.CEREMONY.EVEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I digress...

I have a HUGE problem with this show:
NO-it is not the seemingly endless supply of perfect single gals ready and willing to find love in a week with a man who will learn to respect and love them for their "personalities"
NO-it is not the faux romance that you know won't last past cut (except in rare instances)
NO-it is not the onslaught of hot girls in bikinis who are quick to backstab one another in the name of being hotter and more desirable...



Every time they show a girl during their candid interviews they post their age (normally around 23-25) and then underneath this list their career....HOW THE HELL DO ALL OF THESE YOUNG WOMEN HAVE SUCH EXCITING AND PROFESSIONAL CAREERS??????

Is success directly correlated with beauty?
I'm almost 25 and I am currently unemployed.... my circumstances aside one of my best friends has TWO college degrees and works at Starbucks...IN A GROCERY STORE! We're not subpar people (I hope) so how did we end up with these careers, clearly we are NOT Bachelor material.

Examples of careers included:
Swimsuit Model
Advertising Account Manager
Marketing Representative
College Admissions

I can't even get INTO advertising, how do you become an account MANAGER by 23?
I thought only super educated, older people worked in college admissions, how do you snag THAT job?????
Swimsuit model-well I won't even got there.
Now Marketing REPRESENTATIVE is what led me to this stunning conclusion:

The Bachelor is the new version of Jeopardy contestants. I remember watching Jeopardy with my mom as a kid (a stay at home mom) and every time a woman said some awkward analogy for a career that translated to housewife my mom would cringe--she would ask "why can't people be happy just being a housewife, why do you have to be a co-executive house maintenance groundskeeping maid?" So, in short, maybe College Admissions means "I take out the trash for the admissions department at the University of KentuckY" or maybe "Marketing Representaitive" translates to "I call you 100 times a day and ask you to switch to Direct TV" and, well, some women are just that plain gorgeous and SHOULD be swimsuit models....

But I wonder.....if my theory IS correct, why does ABC gloss over the truth? Not every 23 year old contestant can POSSIBLY be a bona fide career woman who just so happens to get a month off of work to find love with some stranger in Palm Springs..........and, if this is NOT the case, WHERE DO YOU FIND THESE JOBS????? I want to know what these women REALLY do---not the tagline their jobs are given so they sound flashy and successful....The Bachelor makes me feel bad about myself and it's NOT because I'm looking at 20 women who are incredibly gorgeous, it's because of their damn careers.

My unemployed ass has turned to blogging: maybe I'm just bitter.

I must confess I watch the Bachelor as well! It was a tradition I started with my best friend in college, Nicolle. We would pop open a bottle of wine and watch every episode each week. This season is particularly interesting because the bachelor "Jake" will send girls packing without the help of a rose ceremony. My favorite part so far was when he sent that crazy girl Michelle home, or sent BOTH girls from the two-on-one date home, and dramatically burned the rose he was supposed to give to one of them.
Cali, you make me laugh because last night when I was watching, I thought the EXACT SAME THING about their careers. I was like, um, marketing representative? So what does that mean, she maybe works in a call center, making cold calls to customers in a hopes of promoting a company? Or "advertising account manager", she probably licks envelopes at an advertising company. Really come on now, at 23 years of age, you have NOT landed your dream job, and if you have, you can't simply take months off to "find love" on a TV show. That's just not reality. I am 24 years old, and am working as a banker for Bank of America. I am content in my position because I have accepted the fact that although I have a bachelors degree, I have no working experience. Since my degree is in business economics, at least by gaining this banking experience, I will hopefully ONE DAY in like FIVE years, be a manager in a banking center (if that is the road I decide to continue down). But to be honest with you, at 24 years old, I really have no idea what I want to do as a career. Banking is fine for now, but is that what I ultimately want to do?
Despite all this, I do enjoy the girl drama and when the bachelor claims "this was such a difficult decision".

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  1. You girls are funny! I was also thinking the same thing, but I also think that not only are they vague about what the titles mean, they don't necessarily say that they're employed. For example, a stylist can call herself a stylist whether she's working as one or not. A nurse will always be a nurse, employed or not (and I know there's not a nurse on there, but you get the point...) Really, what a better time to go on reality TV and have your expenses paid for and not worry about time off of work, than when you don't have to worry about it?! Especially in this economy, who would ask for such a leave from work if she's really happy there?